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Minimal Gallery was accidentally brought to life when I started collecting websites as inspiration for client projects, screenshotting and categorizing them for better organization. And never stopped.

It became one of the leading web design galleries, followed by tens of thousands of designers, developers, agencies, marketing specialists and entrepreneurs all over the world – to this day curated by myself on a daily basis.

If you arrived here through - Manu was kind enough to gift me his old domain. Big thanks!


This website has been running since almost a decade but has never earned any money whatsoever. I would love to change that.

A few requirements your product needs to fulfil: Copy


If accepted, your website will be published to the gallery and additionally posted on Twitter and featured in the newsletter. Copy

Reach the best professionals

Get in front of tens of thousands of the most renowned designers, developers, agencies and startups

Curating beautiful & functional websites since 2013

Brave People

Sam King

Made By Six

Simon Foster Design




Tom Callaway

Zofia Chylak

Damien Poulain

David MCG

George Badea


Otto Boreson



Tobias Van Schneider

Tim Boelaars

Shaun Lind

Sagmeister & Wlash

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